�A Tree may be alone in the field, a man alone in the world but a Jew will never alone on his holydays.�

Please join us to keep the Jewish spirit alive in Burma. 

Brief History

Jewish settlements in Burma date from the first half of the19th Century, consisting primarily of Jews from Cochin, Calcutta, Iraq and Iran.  Their purpose of migration was for trade, practically in the area of teak wood. As  business grew, so did the Jewish Burmese Jewish population and before the Second World War, Burma, India and few South East Asian countries sprouted a rich growing Sephardic community. In 1893-96, the Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue was built in Rangoon to replace a wooden structure.  At its peak, the Jewish population in Burma was about 2500 with 126 Sifrei Torah, a Talmud Torah and numerous charitable and communal organizations, as well as its own school and a cemetery on 91st Street.

Shortly after the Jews migrated to Burma, their influences within the government and society grew rapidly. The Jewish influence in Burma was so influential, in fact, that, in the first turn of the century, the Mayor of the capital Rangoon and Bassein was Jewish. And some of the major streets and roads in Rangoon were named after important Jews.

Despite all these cultural milestones of the Jews in Burma, Jews fled Burma during the Second World War. They migrated to Israel, United States and even Australia. The uprooting of the Jewish community in Burma was caused primarily because of the Japanese oppression. Of the Jews that stayed in 1969, another major movement occurred as a result of the government�s nationalization of businesses. As of today, there are only a handful of Jews in Rangoon.

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SOUTHEAST ASIA through Jewish Eyes 2011
Fully escorted by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer

Only with Myanmar Shalom Travels & Tours will you be able to learn more interesting stories about Burmese Jewish community and how they were able to survive and maintain their Judaism.

Our experienced tour guides will take you to the more than 100 year old beautiful Rangoon Synagogue. In there you will have the opportunity to meet with Trustee of the Synagogue and some members of local community. Other amazing features of this incredible synagogue are the 120 years two old Sifel Torah from Baghdad, Iraq , Souvenir shop where you can see Burmese  handmade Jewish items and historical photos of the Synagogue and community.

Then we will drive through to the Neighborhood (Sandwith Road, York Road) where many Jews from Rangoon used to live. The Jewish School building in that area where once over 200 Jewish students attended is now changed to government High School building. Most of the houses in that area are now renovated and changed to new buildings. Another interesting Jewish site is more than 130 years old Jewish Cemetery with over 600 graves. 

Myanmar Shalom Travels & Tours is planning to bring Jews who are interested to help and keep the Jewish spirit alive in Myanmar to celebrate Shabbat and other Jewish Holydays with local community to fill the synagogue with songs & joy again.
If any Jewish groups or organizations interested in this wonderful program please contact to our office.